Bundung Chiffon Cake

I had a sudden craving for bundung drink, the sweet pink syrup-py drink. I used to like this as a child… hmm.. childhood memories. How about making a bundung chiffon cake with a nice pink hue? I managed to find a recipe here, but I don’t have the bundung powder.

Since I do not have any bundung powder, bundung syrup or bundung drink on hand… maybe I can use rose water essence with a few drops of red colouring plus condense milk to replicate the taste?

The result is the above cake… lol … no part of it resemble anything like bundung, taste and colour. Well, maybe I was stingy with the colouring …I mean artificial colouring is no good right ?!

I have to try this again, maybe using the bundung drink itself. So I went to get myself a packet of Yeo’s bundung drink. I feel the taste is still somewhat mild and I would have prefered to have a stronger taste of it. But I guess this is the best I can get since I wasn’t able to get the bundung powder.


6 yolks (I used 55g eggs)

110g cake flour

60g oil

100ml bundung drink

6 egg whites

1/4 spoon cream of tar tar

50 g sugar

1 tablespoon condense milk

a few drops of rose essence and red colour


Separate the egg whites and yolks. Beat the egg yolks with oil and then add the bundung drink. Sift in the flour and mix well. I did not add in any sugar here. The cake will only be mildly sweet, if you prefer a sweeter cake, you may add another 20-30g sugar here.

Next using an electric whisk to whisk the egg whites till frothy, add in the sugar and the cream of tar tar and continue to whisk till near stiff peak.

Add 1/3 of the egg white into the yolk and mix well. Using a spatula to scrap from the bottom of the bowl in an upwards motion lightly. Then add the balance egg whites into the yolk to mix well taking care not to deflate it too much.

Pour the mixture into a prepare pan, I am using a 21 inch round chiffon tin. Bake in a pre heated oven at 170d for 55 -60 mins.

Bundung chiffon cake

I added some rose petals thinking it will give a better esthetic effect. But it didn’t. The colour also wasn’t as pink as I hope.

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