No Knead Ciabatta

This is quite a tasty treat and simple to make. Although no kneading is required, but you do have to ensure you set aside time as it still takes some effort to make this. The stretch and fold technique helps the dough to get its strength. The recipe is from here.


200g water

1 tsp yeast

20g olive oil

250g bread flour

1 tsp salt


In a mixing bowl, add water, olive oil and yeast and stir well.

Add in the flour and salt and mix till you get a rough dough. I had tried this recipe a few times and I always find my dough too wet and sticky that it’s hard to stretch without tearing. So I added a bit more flour this time.

I use my tovolo mixer to mix the dough. Cover the bowl and leave it at the counter top for about 45mins.

After 45mins, stretch and fold the dough in all 4 directions using your hands. Wet your hands before you do this. Once in the right, then left, then top and bottom. Stretch the dough gently and try not to break it. Cover this and leave it for another 30mins.

You will need to repeat this stretch and fold another 2 times at 30mins interval.

After the 3rd set of stretch and fold, cover and leave it at the counter for 40mins.

After 40mins, flour a baking sheet and the top of the dough generously.

Overturn your bowl or container onto the floured baking sheet, and wait for the dough to drop onto the baking sheet. Flour the top of the dough and cut it into 4 pieces. I used a dough scrapper to cut. You have to be gentle here and try not the deflate the dough. Some how my dough always end up in weird shapes here.

Gently lift up the baking sheets and place onto a baking tray to leave it to proof in an enclosed space for 30mins.

Pre-heated the oven to 220 degree and bake for 18mins. Allow the ciabatta to cool before slicing.

So yummy, I like to eat mine with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I think this will goes well with some creamy mushroom soup too!

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